Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The insides of the Prophet VS

The insides of the Prophet VS!
Including the sample and hold chips and other Curtis (CEM) ICs. 
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CEM5530/6651 S&H and CEM 3365 DAC

CEM5530 S&H  
One voice with CEM 3379 VCF


 Close up of the 8 voices including 8 x CEM3379 filters on Voice board

Power supply and CPU /logic board

Voice board in its entirety: oscillators A/B/C/D on left, filters on right:

Voices on left board then the output board on the right:

All of it from the output end:

Joystick board (on left) and the left hand of the two boards under the panel controls (on the right):

Lovely synth.