Thursday, 25 July 2019

OB-6s now have SEQUENTIAL on the back!

OB-6s now have SEQUENTIAL on the back!
And of course, Tom's very stylish signature on the front and back.
Wonder if they will put the Oberheim on it too, now he has got the trademark back from Gibson?
There's room for it in the top middle of the rear panel (just!)

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Got an OB-6!! :))

Big smiley face! I got an OB-6 to go with the Prophet-6. :-))

Two of a perfect pair.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Yes Live on YouTube, old video/film. Prophet-5 on stage Wakeman Rev 1 probably.

More treats on YouTube! Yes live 1978/79. If the footage is 1979 then it might be a Rev 1, depends on the time of year (video was from Philadelphia Spectrum 21 June 1979); but the sound is 28 September 1978 so a Rev 1 is guaranteed, if Rick was using it. He seems to be on the '79 footage. You can see it here on Siberian Khatru at 7m 40s. This show had amazing performances of Awaken, The Silent Wings of Freedom, Heart of the Sunrise, Roundabout and the medley including The Fish, Perpetual Change and Soon from The Gates of Delirium is also fabulous playing. Why this is not on a live album I could never understand. You really have a group here at the height of their playing abilities, pretty much unmatched even though they are not my completely favourite band, they were awesome here, truly.