Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Prophet-5 Revision 2 front panel and various short music videos #3, #4, #5.

Here are three short videos showing my old Prophet-5 revision 2 which I have now exchanged (it was in need of repair for the past 10 years). The pictures were taken days before I let it go and the music is from years ago in 1999, on old tape recordings, played on my hi-fi using a lovely Denon cassette deck that I bought from the local BHF charity shop a year ago for 10 GBP.
The video shows the P5's front panel and rear panels, including MIDI connections and cassette interface (both retrofits on such an early instrument, one of the first 400 made). It shows the ultra mellow sound that could be got from the SSM sound generation microcircuits that made the early Prophets happily sound to good and also be so hard to repair, sadly. The Prophet-VS is also broken now after 18 years of fun playing.

Prophet-5 Revision 2 front panel & gratuitous filter sweeps jam.

Prophet-5 Revision 2.0 strummed acoustic instrument sound with purring cat.

Prophet-5 Revision 2 acoustic instrument type sound Jam from 1999. Revision 2.

Description for the videos:
Prophet-5 Revision 2 front panel & gratuitous filter sweeps and other jams from tapes recorded around 1999.
Front panel sections: modulation, oscillators, mixer, filter, amplifier.
Thanks to Dave Smith for developing such an amazing instrument. I had always wanted to own one; now I have let it go. I enjoyed making sounds on this more than on anything else, even when they were rough and even when it went out of tune. It was the instrument where you would just play the same note gratuitously again and again just to hear it again and wait for it to fade away.
Other synths arpeggiated in the background are the Roland JP-8000 (Arctic E-knows sound on cat video) and Korg Prophecy (guitar sound on cat video). Prophet-5 is the jamming instrument that sounds alive with the presence. Rough jam recorded to cassette tape in 1999, so playing is rough, totally live, just tinkering with the sound.
This was the day I let go of the P-5 (now broken, hopefully going to be restored by someone else) -  and while clearing up, I found the old tape recording the previous day in a box.
Video file P1300052.

All music and videos copyright David Bellamy 2017 (as if anybody is gonna steal it!)

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